It is not always possible to prevent and relieve back and neck pain with good posture. Other factors can also aggravate spinal problems.

If you exhibit any of the following symptoms, it is unlikely a postural support or back cushion will help:

  • Impaired tolerance for upright postures (weight-bearing loss)
  • Inability to stay in one posture, even a good posture, for prolonged periods of time (constrained posture intolerance)
  • Discomfort when furniture or supports come in contact with your body (pressure intolerance)

Physical factors affecting back and neck pain

There are many physical factors th

  1. Spinal posture:
  2. Loading: Gravity weight through the spine.
  3. Movement: The effect of excessive, repetitive, or constrained motion.
  4. Contact pressure: Discomfort associated with direct contact pressure from furniture, or even constricting clothing.

Bottom line

If you experience symptomatic relief when you assume a good posture, a properly fitted lumbar support is likely to help. If your back symptoms are unchanged by postural correction, a lumbar support won't do much. If not, talk to your health care practitioner or a skilled product consultant about other interventions.

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