Development of the Salli began in 1989 in Finland. Experts in back physiology and ergonomics worked together to create a physiologically correct chair for demanding long-term work. Salli provides exceptional support for active-intensive hand and eye tasks.

The Salli Saddle Chair is designed to balance the pelvis in an upright position, supported by the ischial bones and not by the soft tissues. This results in a good back posture and increases freedom to move the limbs and back.

ErgoRest Right Arm for Salli Saddle Seats - Demo
Leather Slipcover for Salli Twin Saddle Seats
Leather Slipcover for Salli Classic Saddle Seats, Candy
Cotton Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
Fire-Block Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
Foot-Operated Pneumatic Seat Height Control
$275.00 $150.00
Replacement Cylinder Gas Lift for Salli Saddle Chair
Large Chair Caster, 65 mm, black tread