Bad posture working with papers at a computer
Without the Microdesk
Working with papers at a computer makes you twist and strain.
With the Microdesk
An in-line sloped writing surface insures good posture.

Reduce neck and back strain and unclutter your desk. In-line placement of a writing platform behind your keyboard allows you to type and write at the same time without twisting. A sloped writing surface promotes safe working postures and prevents slumping.

Microdesk Non-Slip Ruler Line Guide
18" ruler line guide for the Microdesk. Rubbery strip on underside for grip.
$9.00 $1.99
Microdesk Replacement Sides, Set of 2, No Feet
Replacement side components for the Microdesk. Available in the Regular angled shape for desktops, and in the Step flat shape for keyboard trays, bi-level desks, and special applications.
Microdesk Replacement Feet, Set of 4 (2 Long; 2 Short)
Replacement feet for the Microdesk. Set of 4 includes 2 long feet and 2 shorter feet.
Microdesk Replacement Paper Lip/Ledge
Microdesk lips/ledges are available in 2 heights: Low profile for arm clearance when writing; High profile for reading books or holding stacks of papers.
Replacement Foot Bracket for Old-Style Microdesk
Replacement bracket for foot attachment to an old-style Microdesk.