If you are using a laptop on your desk, elevate it so the screen is at eye level ( A ). Then plug in an external keyboard and pointing device ( B ) so you can type without strain.

Picture courtesy MacWorld 2005

Posture Pouch All-in-one Laptop Stand and Carry Sleeve
An innovative "always on" protective laptop sleeve that transforms instantly into an adjustable angle ergonomic laptop stand. Checkpoint friendly.
Smart Sleeve All-in-One Laptop Stand and Carry Case *
Innovative laptop case unfolds instantly into a multi-angle ergonomic laptop stand. Zipper closure secures your keyboard and mouse inside the sleeve. Checkpoint friendly.
U Slope *Scratch & Dent*
A multipurpose computer writing slope, laptop stand, metal document holder, reading stand and book holder with adjustable angle settings to 45° degrees helps reduce neck and back ache. For single-surface desks.

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