Back-A-Line Dynamic Back Supports improve spinal mechanics. Your back adjusts to the built-in curve of the patented curved-and-firm pad for dynamic muscle support and proprioceptive postural feedback.

Bambach Saddle Seat

Australian saddle design insures perfect posture even when you lean forward to work. Anatomical seat contour stabilizes the pelvis for effortless postural control.

The Brewer Company is a provider of Medical Equipment, Dental and Optical Seating with OEM capabilities. Brewer leads the industry as a provider of power procedure tables, exam tables, seating, lighting, and a broad line of durable medical equipment.

Manufacturer of heirloom-quality products made from Sustainable Forestry Initiative hardwoods. Made in the USA by Woodfold, combining decades of craftsmanship with today's most advanced computers and machinery for an unsurpassed level of quality, efficiency and precision. 100% employee-owned and operated. 

Ergonomic Cafe
Award-winning British ergonomic product design company specialising in office based and mobile DSE solutions.
Good Use Company

Manufacturer of ergonomic office products developed by New Zealand physiotherapist Sarah Mahoney. Best known product is the Microdesk, an in-line computer writing platform that allows you to type and write at the same time without twisting.

Hager Worldwide

Hager Worldwide is dedicated to providing the dental profession with the highest levels of quality products and services. The company began in 1946 with one employee and one product. Today the family-owned company offers a thousands of dental specialty products supported by a team of over 150 employees worldwide.

Health By Design
We are a manufacturer and distributor of ergonomic furniture, office products and therapy devices that improve posture and promote good health. 
Manuafacturer of highly adjustable saddle stools for demanding work tasks. Ideal for medical, veterinary, dental, and laboratory applications, and suitable for active office environments, drafting height tables and sit-stand desks.
McCarty's Sacroease
For over 70 years, McCarty's has manufactured the most durable posture correction products in the industry. The SACRO-EASE Posture Seat insert was designed by the company's founder who once suffered severe low back pain while driving, and a team of top orthopedic surgeons. 
MEDesign has been established since 1982 as a leading manufacturer of Healthcare and Patient Handling products which are in use worldwide. All MEDesign products have the fundamental aim of relieving or preventing backpain. There are no fads, frills or gimmicks; only well designed, well made and honest products.
Raise Its
Innovator of heavy-duty interlocking plastic blocks stack to raise your furniture from one to three inches. A quick and inexpensive way to raise desks, tables, sofas, beds and more.
Salli Systems

Development of the Salli Saddle Chair began in 1989 in Finland. Experts in back physiology and ergonomics worked together to create a physiologically correct chair for demanding long-term work. Salli provides exceptional support for active-intensive hand and eye tasks. 

Varier Human Elements

Varier seating is the perfect combination of modern design, function and ergonomics. Embracing the philosophy that the body is made to stay in motion, Varier has made the human body central to design.

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