When you sit in a saddle seat, your upper legs should settle at an angle of 45 degrees from the horizontal and your heels should come to rest almost beneath your hip joints. Repeat these steps a few times during initial use, until your body acquires the new stance.

How to sit down on a saddle seat

For saddle seats without a backrest.

  • Approach the chair from the back, put one foot next to it and lift the other over the chair.
  • Raise the chair (using either the hand or foot control) so that your legs hang in the air. Let your hips stretch and your legs hang loose for a minute or so.
  • Lower the chair gently with the height adjuster until your heels are well on the floor.

For saddle seats with a backrest

  • Stand with your back facing the chair. Reach down between your legs and grasp the chair behind you. Guide the chair underneath you as you sit down. Some folks approach the chair slightly from the side, raising one leg off the floor into a straddle position as they sit.

How to get up from from a saddle seat

  • Place a foot under the chair, rise up and lift the other foot over the chair to the front. The chair should remain in place.

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