Standard Atlas Atlas ULTRA Atlas-LC
Brief description Most versatile for the most people. Full adjustability. More portable, fewer parts, less angle adjustability. Extremely heavy duty. Designed for professional library use.
Price $79 $65 $85
Weight capacity over 25 lbs. over 25 lbs. over 25 lbs.
Range of shelf height adjustability 11.5" 11.5" 11.5"
Angle adjustability (from the vertical) 15° to 60°
in 12 increments
2 available angles:
15° and 30°
30° to 50°
  Standard Ultra LC
Footprint (inches) 11" x 11" 11" x 11" 12" wide x 11" deep
Back (Note: all will hold documents much taller and wider than back dimensions) 11" wide x 14.5" high 11" wide x 14.5" high 12" wide x 14.5" high
Shelf  (Note: all will hold documents much wider and deeper than the shelf dimensions) 14" x 3" 14" x 3" 14" x 4"
Shipping dimensions 18" x 11" 16" x 11" 20" x 12"
Weight (lbs.) 3.9 lbs. 4.9 lbs. 4.7 lbs.
Materials Vinyl-coated medium-density fiberboard ®Trespa or Formica Vinyl-coated medium-density fiberboard
Page Stoppers (to keep book pages in place) 2 long, 2 short 2 long, 2 short 2 long, 2 short
  Standard Ultra LC
Non-skid surface (to keep single sheets in place) yes yes -- high-friction material no
Spring-loaded clip (see bottom of this page) optional ($7 extra) no optional ($7 extra)
Reversible line guide (see bottom of this page) optional ($6 extra) optional ($6 extra) optional ($6 extra)
  Standard Ultra LC
Description The Standard Atlas is the model that will do the most for most people. It is great for students, readers, academics, clergy, accountants, secretaries, data entry workers, writers, editors, most anyone. It is often recommended for persons with physical limitations. The Atlas Ultra is the newest product in the Atlas line.  It has all the height adjustability of the Standard Atlas, but only two angles of adjustability. Like the Standard Atlas, the Ultra takes a small 11 x 11 inch footprint, but will hold documents that are much larger, wider and heavier. The Atlas-LC was specifically designed for library cataloging, in cooperation with a major US library. Its deeper shelf reflects the fact that cataloging primarily requires access to the first few pages of a book.

The Atlas-LC is also useful for other extraordinarily heavy-duty tasks.

Warranty All products are guaranteed for one year against defects in material and workmanship. This warranty is limited to refund, replacement, or repair of the book holder at the manufacturer's option. Further details appear in the Owner's Guide.