• Salli Twin Ergonomic Saddle Chair
  • Salli Twin Ergonomic Saddle Chair, black leather, chrome base.
  • Salli Twin Ergonomic Saddle Chair, red leather, balck base.
  • Optional Back Stretch on a Salli Twin Saddle Stool
  • Salli Twin Ergonomic Saddle Chair, violet leather, black base.

$975.00 $780.00 with free shipping
Premium saddle stool for demanding active tasks. Anatomical split seat. Optional seat-tilt. Seat height options for short, average, and tall users. Compatible with Salli accessory arms & back.


Patented split-seat saddle design cools and relieves pressures for improved genital health and comfort in both women and men. The center groove of the split seat minimizes soft tissue pressure and suspends the tailbone to relieve direct pressure on the spine while providing soothing ventilation. Saddle chairs naturally maintain healthy neutral spinal postures.


  • Anatomical split-saddle with center gap.
  • Forward-backward seat tilt option.
  • Heavy-duty 3 mm steel seat plate.
  • Professional quality CA TB117 and CA TB133 upholstery options for demanding commercial and clinical applications.
  • Premium aluminum chair base.
  • Large 65mm casters for easy maneuverability.
  • 4 seat height options for short, average, and tall users.
  • 260 lb. weight capacity.
  • 23 lbs.
  • 10-year warranty.
  • Made in Finland and USA.
  • Salli Saddle Chair Comparison Chart.


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Dentists and Dental Assistant using the Salli Saddle Chair Dentists and Dental Assistants can work simultaneously in close proximity to the patient surgeon with the Salli Saddle Chair.


Chair Disassembly Tools
$50.00 $45.00
ErgoRest Arms for Salli Saddle Seats
ErgoRest Right Arm for Salli Saddle Seats - Demo
Salli Allround Arm
$440.00 $340.00
Cotton Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
Fire-Block Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
Water-Resistant Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
Premium Slipcover for Salli Twin Saddle Seats


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by Glenn
on 7/2/2020
A new/better way of sitting
I'm about 5' 10", 190 pounds, and I ride bikes a lot so the Salli twin seemed like a great choice. I have pain in my left hip for which I was seeking relief via physical therapy and a regular stretching routine - and it was not going that well at all. For me, active and with osteoarthritis in my hip apparently, this chair helped my hip feel substantially better within an hour...hard to believe but true, and it continues to be so helpful to me. Pain has been reduced from a 6 to 7 on bad days to a 1 to 2 in a few weeks in which I am also doing my PT and stretching - and sleep is better too. What a relief! I don't use arm rests or a back, and I sit for long periods so this chair takes getting used to. This is a new way of sitting, and I'm still adjusting to it but since it is also helping my back, it is SO worth the effort. After 6 hours or so I have to use my old chair for a while, but I expect after a month I'll be fully adapted. Highly recommended!
by Leslie
on 2/20/2019
I love my new Sali stool!!
I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Sali stool!! Only took me three days to get used to it and I can tell a big difference from my old stool. Thank you so much.
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Use | Fit 

Seated tasks

ReclinedNot recommended for reclined sitting postures UprightExcellent support for upright sitting postures ForwardExcellent support for forward sitting postures


    Gas lift Body height Seat height
    Low* 4' to 5'2" 18.5"-23"
    Intermediate* 4'10" to 5'6" 20.5"-28"
    Medium 5'1" to 6'1" 22.5"-30"
    Tall 5'8" and over 25"-35"
    Lifts marked with an asterisk (*) are not available on some Salli models. Body height recommendations are approximate and vary with body proportion, height of shoes, riding style, etc. Actual seat heights vary depending upon caster size, chair mechanism options, base style, etc.
  • Size down 1" - 2" if body proportions are "long torso with short limbs."
  • Size up 1" - 2" if body proportions are "short torso with long limbs."
  • Salli Chair Dimensions 685KB

Fitting Tips

  • Salli Saddle Chairs are VERY firm. There is a reason for this. If the saddle were cushy, you would sink into it and experience unhealthy pressures on your genital soft tissues. In a firm seat, your body is supported by your sit bones (e.g., ischial tuberosities), and your genital tissues are suspended and relieved of pressures.
  • Salli Saddle Chairs are therapeutic and become comfortable over time as the body stretches and tones its way toward better health. Fit and flexible people are usually comfortable in a Salli immediately. Those who are deconditioned or stiff need more time to accommodate.


The manufacturer warrants its products against defects in materials or workmanship which arise during the course of regular indoor use, and for normal wear of genuine leather components, as follows:

Premium Salli Chairs (Made in Finland by Salli Systems / Easydoing Oy)

  • Ten (10) years for upholstered chairs (e.g., Salli Swing, Swing Care, SwingFit, SwingFit Care, Multiadjuster, Multiadjuster Care, Twin, Twin Care, Classic, Strong), including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, lift, and base.
  • Two (2) years for non-upholstered chairs (e.g., Salli Pro), including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, standard pneumatic cylinder, and base.
  • Two (2) years for chair accessories and pneumatic foot-control assembly.
  • See the Salli Instruction Manual (Finland) for complete warranty information.

Budget Salli Chairs (Made in China by Salli Hong Kong, Ltd)

  • Five (5) years for upholstered chairs (e.g., Salli Sway, Chin), including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, standard pneumatic cylinder, and base.
  • Two (2) years for non-upholstered chairs (e.g., Salli Job), including the seat, casters, tilt mechanism, lift, and base.
  • Two (2) years for chair accessories and pneumatic foot-control assembly.
  • See the Salli Instruction Manual (China) for complete warranty information.

Salli Tables

  • Two (2) years.

This warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by:

  • Damaging liquids and cleaners.
  • Falling, dropping, or abrasion of product.
  • Piercing, impressions, or marks made by contact with hard, rough, or sharp objects.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Pets or any other inappropriate use.
  • Corrosion in humid environments.
  • Any and all amendments attached to the product or alterations made to the product, other than those approved by Salli in writing prior to assembly.
  • The chair must not be used or stored in temperatures lower than + 5 °C.

The purchaser's sole claim shall be for repair or replacement, at the sole option of Salli Systems / Easydoing Ltd., of any defective product covered by the warranty.


Salli Saddle chair professional upholstery fabrics are commercial quality and certified to meet California's stringent flammability requirements.

Not all colors are available for all products. Fabric and color availability may vary in different countries and from various dealers. For our current color availability, please view the color choices offered in the "Buy" menu for each individual product.

Colors and textures on your computer monitor may vary from the actual material, and dye lots may vary. We encourage you to request a free swatch to confirm your color selection. Samples can be sent to USA destinations only. Please note, fabric swatches may not be available for products upholstered outside the USA.

Salli Legacy Leather Upholstery
Top-quality, full top grain, aniline dyed Scandinavian bovine leathers. Exceeds California TB 133 flammability standards.
Elmosoft Leather Upholstery
Luxurious semi-aniline leather combines comfort and durability. Soft and breathable natural leather is more durable than any synthetic. Meets TB117/TB133 flammability standards.
Ultraleather Polyurethane Upholstery
Luxurious 100% polyurethane synthetic leather upholstery with the natural grain appearance of leather. Durable and easy care. Abrasion resistance exceeds 400,000 double rubs.
Comfort Suede Upholstery for Salli
Luxurious synthetic suede is soft and durable. 88% polyester, 12% polyurethane. Abrasion resistance 100,000 rubs.

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