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Hager Bambach Saddle Stool with Backrest
A Bambach Saddle Seat made especially for dental professionals. Relieves pain, reduces fatigue, corrects posture, increases mobility, and improves circulation.
Jumbo Miracle Chair Caster, 100 mm
Also known as "Miracle Casters", these chair casters ease rolling on soft flooring and deep pile carpet to ease back strain in the office. Also ideal for industrial environments where workers must roll while seated on soft anti-fatigue floor mats.
ESD Anti-Static Chair Caster, 65 mm
Large 65mm diameter chair caster. Anti-static for ESD chairs. Soft rims for hard floors.
MEDesign Backfriend Replacement Hinges (pair)
Replacement hinge set for the MEDesign Backfriend. Includes 2 hinges and written instructions.
MEDesign Backfriend Replacement Hinge Locks (pair)
Replacement hinge lock set for the MEDesign Backfriend. Includes 2 hinge lock sets and written instructions.
Morgan Lumbar Traction Harness, Leather
Heavy-duty leather harness for spinal decompression treatment and exercise. Designed for single or double pull lumbar traction in forces up to 300 pounds in prone, supine, or vertical positions.
Sit-Stand Podium Writing Slope, B-quality
Triple-decker wood writing platform raises up to 18 inches from the desk, for standing or seated reading and paperwork. Relieves neck and back strain for office workers, teachers, students, and writers. Adjustable angle for personalized comfort. B-quality factory seconds
Adjustable Wooden Writing Slope, Small 16", "oddball"
Transform flat surfaces into an ergonomic desk with an adjustable writing slope that improves posture and enhances comfort. 16"W x 14"D. B-prototype. Full paper ledge with no taper.
Safety Brake Anti-Runaway Chair Caster
An internal brake resists rolling when the chair is unoocupied, but allows free chair movement when the chair is in use. Useful on slick or sloping floors and on high stools with foot rings.
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