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MEDesign Backfriend Carry Case
Fitted with handle and shoulder straps to make carrying your Backfriend even easier. Ideal when you need to have both hands free.
Salli MultiAdjuster
Premium saddle stool for demanding active tasks. Anatomical split-seat with adjustable center gap opening. Adjustable seat tilt. Seat height options for short, average, and tall users. Compatible with Salli accessory arms and back.
Sit-Stand Podium Writing Slope HDF *Scratch & Dent*
Triple-decker writing platform raises up to 18 inches from the desk, for standing or higher-seated work. Can also be used at desk height.
Fire-Block Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
Seat cover for the Salli Salli chair is treated to resist ignition from open flame. Ideal for welders. Available for all Salli Saddle Stool models.
Salli NIPSU Armpads
Luxury leather-upholstered desktop arm pads wrap around you to provide superior upper limb support for keyboard and mouse activities.
Hager Bambach Saddle Stool with Backrest
A Bambach Saddle Seat made especially for dental professionals. Relieves pain, reduces fatigue, corrects posture, increases mobility, and improves circulation.
Large Chair Caster, 65 mm
Large 65mm diameter chair caster rolls more easily than smaller standard chair casters. Available with hard tread for carpeted floors or soft tread for hardwood and tile floors.
Locus Leaning Seat with Anti-Fatigue Mat
Locus Seat doesn't have you sit or stand. It helps you discover the perfect in-between position.
Microdesk Replacement Feet, Set of 4 (2 Long; 2 Short)
Replacement feet for the Microdesk. Set of 4 includes 2 long feet and 2 shorter feet.
Replacement Gas Lift for Salli Saddle Chair
Genuine Salli Saddle Chair replacement pneumatic chair cylinders.
Aussie Bambach Saddle Seat with Small Backrest *CLEARANCE*
Australian saddle design insures perfect posture even when you lean forward to work. Anatomical seat contour stabilizes the pelvis for effortless postural control. With backrest. Sizes for adults and children.
Kanewell Saddle Stool with 360° Rotating Arm

Highly adjustable saddle chair with 360° rotation arm for demanding work tasks. Ideal for dental, salon and tatoo.

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