• Jumbo Miracle Chair Caster, 100 mm
  • Jumbo Miracle Chair Caster, 100 mm, hard tread

Also known as "Miracle Casters", these chair casters ease rolling on soft flooring and deep pile carpet to ease back strain in the office. Also ideal for industrial environments where workers must roll while seated on soft anti-fatigue floor mats.

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These Jumbo Miracle Casters are nearly 4 inches in diameter, twice the diameter of the conventional chair casters. Because of their large size and hard tread, Jumbo Miracle Casters roll easily over thick carpet, eliminating the need for a chair mat. Imagine the huge wheels on tractors and other heavy equipment. Miracle Casters work on the same principle. The bigger the wheel, the easier it will roll on a soft or uneven surface.

  • Caster body is made of high impact modified polyamide 6.
  • Extra-large 100 mm (3.94") wheel-diameter rolls easily on soft flooring.
  • Strong 220 lb. load capacity per caster, which means that a set of five supports a static load of 1100 pounds. However, for best results, we do not recommend Jumbo Miracle Casters for individuals over 500 pounds.
  • Hard tread is designed to roll easily on carpeted and padded floors. The tread is non-marking and non-abrasive, however we do not recommend this caster for use on hardwood or tile floors.
  • Universal mounting stem fits most, but not all, office chairs.
    11mm (1/3") D x 19mm (3/4") L
  • Note: Installed height is 4-7/8". In most cases, this will raise the height of your chair.


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  • Please check your chair specifications prior to order.
    Friction ring stem is compatible with most, but not all, task chairs and stools.

Universal mounting stem
11mm (1/3") diameter;
19mm (3/4") long.

Wheel size

  • Smaller diameter wheels produce more rolling resistance.
  • Larger diameter wheels roll easier and more freely over dirt, grit, flooring imperfections and small fallen objects. They also roll more easily over deep-carpet pile and may also carry more weight.
  • A larger wheel increases chair height. Remember to consider this if seat height is critical.


  1. Turn the chair on its side.
  2. If you have strong hands, you can remove castors by pulling. Otherwise you may need a lever, for example, a chisel or a screwdriver which you place between the castor and the chair base. If the castor stem remains caught in the base, grip the stem with pliers and pull it out. You may need to tap the pliers with a hammer until the stem loosens.
  3. Push the new castor or glide into place.


  • Sticky casters can usually be remedied with a thorough cleaning to remove accumulations of hair and debris in the caster wheels. If after cleaning the casters still do not turn easily, they should be replaced.



When used on carpet, each Miracle Caster is guaranteed against failure for 10 years. Miracle Casters fit many office chairs.

Jumbo Miracle Chair Caster, 100 mm
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Price is for one (1) caster. Order a quantity of five (5) casters for a typical 5-star chair base.

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