A toe-brake completely locks the caster wheels to prevent a chair from rolling. Recommended for precise hand tasks. Also used for children and disabled people. Available with hard tread for carpeted floors or soft tread for hardwood and tile floors.

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(a.k.a., toe brake caster)

A toe-brake completely locks the caster wheels to prevent the chair from rolling. On a slick floor the chair can still slide if pushed, but it will not roll. In the unlocked position the casters roll easily. It's usually only necessary to lock 2 or 3 wheels to effectively stop a chair from rolling.

Available with hard tread for carpeted floors or soft tread for hardwood and tile floors.


  • Stabilizes the chair for fine or precise hand tasks, e.g., artwork, medical procedures, playing a musical instrument.
  • When used for disabled people, a care-giver can lock the wheels when the user gets in and out of the chair; or a teacher can lock the wheels to keep a special-needs student from "scooting around" during instructional periods.
  • Important! Not recommended in situations where the user must navigate around the work area while seated. When you use your legs to scoot around in your chair it's too easy to unintentionally bump the toe-brake with your foot and engage the wheel lock.


  • Caster body is made of high impact modified polyamide 6.
  • Large 60 mm (2.36") wheel-diameter rolls easier than the smaller casters sold on most office chairs.
  • Sturdy 135 lb. load capacity per caster.
  • Non-marking and non-abrasive.
  • Universal mounting stem fits most, but not all, office chairs.
    11mm (1/3") D x 19mm (3/4") L


    Make sure the casters you select are made for the type of flooring you have.
  • Hard-wheel casters for carpeted floors. The harder the wheel, the easier it will roll.
  • Soft-wheel casters for hard floors such as tile, wood, or cement. Soft-wheel casters are more resilient to protect the floor and to keep the chair from rolling too freely. Soft casters are also quieter on hard floor surfaces.


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  • Please check your chair specifications prior to order.
    Friction ring stem is compatible with most, but not all, task chairs and stools.

Universal mounting stem
11mm (1/3") diameter;
19mm (3/4") long.


  1. Turn the chair on its side.
  2. If you have strong hands, you can remove castors by pulling. Otherwise you may need a lever, for example, a chisel or a screwdriver which you place between the castor and the chair base. If the castor stem remains caught in the base, grip the stem with pliers and pull it out. You may need to tap the pliers with a hammer until the stem loosens.
  3. Push the new castor or glide into place.


  • Sticky casters can usually be remedied with a thorough cleaning to remove accumulations of hair and debris in the caster wheels. If after cleaning the casters still do not turn easily, they should be replaced.

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Large Locking Chair Caster, 60 mm
Item #: 4301X-060-H

Price is for one (1) caster. Order a quantity of five (5) casters for a typical 5-star chair base.

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