We were made to move.

VARIÉR (formerly a Stokke collection) has been creating it's innovative line of quality seating since the 1930's. The company has shown a consistent theme of fusing sound ergonomic concepts - seating that is healthy in use- with bold iconic designs that are steeped in the Scandinavian tradition. VARIÉR offers chairs for desk work, home office and dining, that promote movement and variation to keep the body in its natural state of activity. They like to think of their chairs as art. Art you can use. Art that is good for you. One of Europe's best kept secrets.

Variable Balans

The original kneeling chair, Variable Balans by Varier, encourages active sitting by creating a cycle of continous movement. 

Thatsit Balans with Back

Rocking kneeling chair Thatsit Balans by Varier encourages constant movement and good posture.

Gravity Balans

Offering 3 chairs in one: a recliner, a lounge chair and a an office chair. The Gravity Balans by Varier is the ulitmate relaxation chair.  

Move Stool
Experience optimal energy and spinal alignment in a supported standing posture. Move follows your movement. Comfortable 15" saddle seat.
Floor Protection Tape for Balans Gravity
Soft tape adheres to the underside of furniture rocker frames to protect delicate floor surfaces. Recommended for chairs that will be used on wood floors or other hard surfaces.

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Floor Protection Tape for Balans Gravity