• Sacroease Super Deluxe Model 2000
  • Sacroease Super Deluxe Model 2000
  • Sacroease Super Deluxe Model 2000
  • Sacroease Super Deluxe Model 2000

$290.00 with free shipping
McCarty's most deluxe car-seat support model. Plush rolled, pleated and heavily padded design for comfort. Traditional internal steel frame and rubber support construction. Optional visco-elastic memory foam or coccyx cut-out.







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The most deluxe model offered by Sacro-Ease®. With a lot of extra padding in addition to their traditional steel frame and rubber construction, the Deluxe Model 2000 is one of McCarty's best. Used daily by truck and taxi drivers, on buses, airplanes, and boats. One of the few lumbar supports that hold up to intense use by bus drivers, law enforcement officers and mobile salespeople.

  • Plush rolled, pleated, and heavily padded design for comfort.
  • Wings on back and bottom provide lateral support in deep contour seats.
  • Resilient latex rubber straps on a 1/8" carbon steel frame form a sturdy, breathable support for back and buttocks.
  • 4-way adjustable lumbar support maintains the natural curve of your lower back.
  • Adjustable lumbar pad can be completely removed or repositioned. If your natural lumbar curvature is average or mild, you may be more comfortable without the pillow.
  • Firm seat bottom prevents you from slumping down and forward into even the cushiest of sofa cushions or sagging carseats.
  • Upholstered in automotive-grade fabric that's cool to sit on and sponges clean with soap and water.
  • Impact-resistant metal hinges control backrest angle and allow you to fold it flat for carrying.
  • Seat and back are 19" wide.
  • 9 lbs.
  • 5-year factory warranty.
  • Made in USA
Upholstery options

The following options are available by special order. NOTE: Special order items are not returnable.

  • CF Comfort foam adds 1-inch of revolutionary visco-elastic memory foam on top of the latex rubber supports in both seat and back.
  • Coccyx Cut-out for pressure relief in the tail bone area.


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Size | Fit 

Leather seat warning! Be sure you use the correct size Sacro-Ease in a leather bucket car seat. If you squeeze a too-large Sacro-Ease into a too-tight space, the steel frame can cut into leather upholstery over time.

Customizing the fit

  • The steel frame is delivered with gentle lumbar and thoracic contours to fit an average body type. If your spinal shape is different, the frame can be bent into the shape you need.
  • Fitting a Sacroease backrest requires some expertise in forming spinal curves into the support and is best done with the proper tools. The backrest can also be formed by a stong person over the knee, but if improperly done the unit can break - in which case it's not covered by warranty - so be careful!
  • Many Sacroease dealers provide free custom bending services. To find a dealer near you, please contact the McCarty's Sacroease company. We closed our retail store in 2003 and no longer have the tools to provide custom Sacroease fitting services.

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Sacro-Ease 2000 Super Deluxe Back Support
Brand: McCarty's Sacroease
Item #: 8MC-10-120
Our Price: $290.00


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