Remix 2 Wool Upholstery

Remix 2 Wool Upholstery

Elegant woolen upholstery in inspired colors. 90% new wool worsted; 10% nylon.


Elegant woolen upholstery in inspired colors. Featuring a plain, tight and minimalistic weave, Remix 2 is made from melange yarns, and, consequently, offers exceptional color depth. These yarns comprise up to three colors and, as two differently colored yarns are used to create every colorway, each combines up to six hues. This combination creates a lively play of irregular colors across the fabric.

Remix 2 is available in many colors, ranging from burnt reds and oranges, dusty blues and greens and subtle charcoal tones to natural shades of yellow, beige and sand.

  • Appears unicolored from a distance but reveals subtle details and color contrasts when seen closer up.
  • Because of the tight weave of colors in this fabric, stains and spots can be conspicuous.

For critical color matching please request a fabric swatch. Accurate color rendition is simply not possible on the internet. Real life fabric color may be vastly different from what you see here.

Not all colors are available for all products. For color availability, please view the color choices offered in the purchase menu for each individual product.


  • 90% new wool worsted; 10% nylon.
  • Abrasion resistance exceeds 100,000 cycles (Martindale method).
  • Meets the flammability test requirements for upholstered materials contained in the following specifications: California Technical Bulletin 117, Section E. No brominated flame retardants are used.
  • 100% free of heavy metals. Greenguard and Greenguard Gold Certified; Eu Ecolabel Certified.
  • Manufactured at an ISO 14001 certified facility.

Cleaning | Care 

Cleaning and care
  • To preserve fabric color and appearance, we recommend regular vacuuming, preferably every week, with a soft vacuum accessory.
  • A golden rule: always remove a spot as quickly as possible – before it penetrates into the fibers.
  • Professional dry clean. S-Clean with mild, water-free dry cleaning solvent.