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Anti-skid Pads for Raise-Its, Set of 4
Non-slip rubber inserts for Raise-Its furniture risers. Protects your floor and won’t slip on hard surfaces. (Skid pads only. Raise-Its not included.)
Salli Elbow Table Accessory
A compact workstation offering the health benefits of saddle sitting combined with an integral ergonomic wrap-around workstation. Ideal in confined work spaces and for laptops in both office and home. Saddle stool sold separately.
Posture Pouch All-in-one Laptop Stand and Carry Sleeve
An innovative "always on" protective laptop sleeve that transforms instantly into an adjustable angle ergonomic laptop stand. Checkpoint friendly.
U Slope *Scratch & Dent*
A multipurpose computer writing slope, laptop stand, metal document holder, reading stand and book holder with adjustable angle settings to 45° degrees helps reduce neck and back ache. For single-surface desks.
Chrome Footring 20"
Foot ring supports the feet for seated work at high counters and workbenches. Also for dental assistants and similar high-reach hand tasks. Large 20'' diameter is suitable for both saddle chairs and conventional drafting stools.
Ergo Desk Stand Up Desk with Multi-purpose Top
Converts your desk to a stand-up workstation. 24x26" surface is grooved on the underside to rest securely on top of an Ergo Desk Stand-Up Podium.
Salli School Desk *
Sit-stand desk adjusts from sitting to standing with a spring-assist hand-lever. Not just for the classroom; it is the best ergonomic laptop table you'll find. Sized for kids and small adults.
Aussie Bambach Saddle Seat with Backrest *CLEARANCE*
Australian saddle design insures perfect posture even when you lean forward to work. Anatomical seat contour stabilizes the pelvis for effortless postural control. With backrest. Sizes for adults and children.
MEDesign Backfriend Wool Fleece Covers
Enhance your Backfriend with the luxurious comfort of natural wool fleece. Naturally adjusts to fluctuating temperatures to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. Machine washable.
ErgoRest Right Arm for Salli Saddle Seats - Demo
For ultrasound technicians and similar one-handed patient treatment tasks. Linear tracking arm provides support for prolonged right-arm reaching tasks. Compatible with most Salli Classic, Twin and Multiadjuster models. Chair sold separately.
Cotton Slipcover for Salli Saddle Seats
100% cotton seat cover for the Salli Saddle Stool keeps your seat clean and cool in dirty, hot environments. Available for all Salli Saddle Stool models.
Ergo Desk Stand-Up Podium Base
Place a riser under your desktop writing slope to convert it into a podium for reading, writing & presenting while standing. Compatible with the ErgoDesk Classic and ErgoDesk Designer.
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