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Sacro-Ease Standard Backrest
A customizable backrest with a firm seat designed to stand up to heavy use. Prevents slumping down into soft sofas and sagging car seats.
Foot-Operated Pneumatic Seat Height Control
Allows seat height to be controlled without touching the adjustment lever by hand. Often used in sterile clinical and surgical environments.
$275.00 $250.00
MEDesign Backfriend
The most versatile lumbar sitting support we have seen. Lightweight, durable, and beautifully designed full back support. Can be used in most anywhere, including car, office chair, sofa, and reading in bed.
Microdesk Regular MD-SS *DEMO SALE*
This transparent, sloping, writing surface fits over the top of your keyboard to allow easy access to your keyboard while working with papers and books. Reconfigurable to fit flat desktops, keyboard trays, and bi-level desks.
Sit-Stand Podium Writing Slope
Triple-decker wood writing platform raises up to 18 inches from the desk, for standing or seated reading and paperwork. Relieves neck and back strain for office workers, teachers, students, and writers. Adjustable angle for personalized comfort.
Large Chair Caster 60 mm hooded
Large 60 mm diameter chair caster rolls more easily than smaller standard chair casters. Available with hard tread for carpeted floors or soft tread for hardwood and tile floors. Full hood.
ErgoRest Arms for Salli Saddle Seats
ErgoRest linear tracking arms provide support for precise work and prolonged reaching tasks. Recommended for demanding computer input tasks. Arm bracket adjusts up to 15" above the seat. In Right Arm Only and Two Arms models. Compatible with most Salli Classic, Twin and Multiadjuster models.
$925.00 $835.00
Variable Balans

The original kneeling chair, Variable Balans by Varier, encourages active sitting by creating a cycle of continous movement. 

Wood Backrest for the Variable Balans
The Variable Balans wooden backrest provides additinal back support for people sitting extended periods of time.  It also works as a stretching aid.
Premium Slipcover for Salli Classic Saddle Seats
Commercial quality leather and synthetic seat covers for the Salli Classic Saddle Seats. Fits so perfectly it looks just like the original upholstery. A great way to redecorate without buying a new chair.
Brewer Vinyl Upholstery
Tough, long-wearing, surgical quality vinyls. Can be disinfected with bleach.
Naugasoft Vinyl Upholstery
Durable commercial-quality 100% vinyl upholstery. Cleans easily with soap and water. Disinfectible with bleach. Scratch resistant.
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