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Salli NIPSU Armpads *
Luxury leather-upholstered desktop arm pads wrap around you to provide superior upper limb support for keyboard and mouse activities.
Salli School Desk *
Sit-stand desk adjusts from sitting to standing with a spring-assist hand-lever. Not just for the classroom; it is the best ergonomic laptop table you'll find. Sized for kids and small adults.
Large Chair Caster, 60 mm
Large 60 mm diameter chair caster rolls more easily than smaller standard chair casters. Available with hard tread for carpeted floors or soft tread for hardwood and tile floors. Full hood.
Large Locking Chair Caster, 60 mm
A toe-brake completely locks the caster wheels to prevent a chair from rolling. Recommended for precise hand tasks. Also used for children and disabled people. Available with hard tread for carpeted floors or soft tread for hardwood and tile floors.
Industrial Chair Caster, 75 mm
Heavy-duty industrial chair caster rolls safely on uneven cement floors. Non-mar soft tread is also safe for hardwood and tile floors.
X-Large Chair Caster, 75 mm
Extra large diameter chair caster rolls easily on both carpet and hard floors. Non-mar soft tread is safe for hardwood and tile floors.
Ergo Desk Stand Up Desk with Multi-purpose Top
Converts your desk to a stand-up workstation. 24x26" surface is grooved on the underside to rest securely on top of an Ergo Desk Stand-Up Podium.
Jumbo Miracle Chair Caster, 100 mm
Also known as "Miracle Casters", these chair casters ease rolling on soft flooring and deep pile carpet to ease back strain in the office. Also ideal for industrial environments where workers must roll while seated on soft anti-fatigue floor mats.
High Profile Bell Glide
A caster glide allows a chair to slide, but it cannot roll. A foot replaces the caster to keep the chair stationary. These high profile glides convert an office chair with casters to a stationary chair without losing chair height.
Occupied Braking Chair Caster, 50 mm
Resists chair movement when weight is on the caster. Most often used for added safety on work stools (e.g., drafting chairs). Soft tread protects hardwood and tile floors.
Replacement Cover for Spine Reliever Leg Wedge SRLW
Replacement cover for Jobri SRLW Spine Reliever Leg Wedge. 100% cotton. Zippered closure.
Atlas Spring Loaded Clip
Spring loaded clip and page stopper that can hold a stack of documents more than 2" thick. Compatible with Atlas Standard and Atlas LC book and copy holders.
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