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Replacement Foot Bracket for Old-Style Microdesk
Replacement bracket for foot attachment to an old-style Microdesk.
Back-A-Line Deluxe *
Lumbar stabilizing back support improves spinal mechanics. Patented anatomic lumbar pad in a non-elastic belt provides dynamic muscle support and proprioceptive feedback to naturally improve posture and facilitate healthy movement.
Salli Classic with Elbow Table
All the health benefits of saddle sitting combined with an integral ergonomic wrap-around workstation. Ideal for confined work spaces in both office and home. Includes Salli Classic saddle chair and table accessory.
Focal Stabilizing Footrest
The Stabilizing Foot Rest can be paired with standing desks and traditional seated workstations. 
$84.00 $59.00
Levante Vinyl Upholstery
100'% vinyl upholstery with a classic leather-like appearance, Cleanable and disintefectable. Abrasion resistance 60,000 double rubs (wire screen).
Safety Brake Anti-Runaway Chair Caster
An internal brake resists rolling when the chair is unoocupied, but allows free chair movement when the chair is in use. Useful on slick or sloping floors and on high stools with foot rings.
Ergo Wall Desk
Creates the perfect angled reading or writing surface on any wall. Ideal for limited space or high traffic areas. Collapses to 1 1/2. Crafted from hardwood.
The Seated Spine & the Bambach Saddle Seat
Explore the origins of back trouble caused by poor sitting posture, and how the problem can be alleviated by saddle-sitting. 30 pages.
Elmosoft Leather Upholstery
Luxurious semi-aniline leather combines comfort and durability. Soft and breathable natural leather is more durable than any synthetic. Meets TB117/TB133 flammability standards.
Ergo Desk Stand-Up Podium Base *DEMO SALE*
Place a riser under your desktop writing slope to convert it into a podium for reading, writing & presenting while standing. Compatible with the ErgoDesk Classic and ErgoDesk Designer.
Neochrome III Vinyl Upholstery
100% vinyl upholstery engineered for durability. Fire retardant, antimicrobial and stain resistant. Abrasion resistance 250,000 double rubs.
Ergo Desk Designer
Designed by an eye doctor to reduce neck and back strain and improve posture. Adjustable writing slope with a patented fold-away reading shelf positions your books and documents at an optimal angle. Handcrafted of beautiful hardwood in 4 finishes.
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