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Original Step MicroDesk *Scratch and dent*
A transparent, sloping, writing surface that fits over the top of your keyboard, allowing easy access to your keyboard while working with papers and books. For keyboard trays and bi-level desks.
Adjustable Wooden Writing Slope, Small 16", B-quality
Transform flat surfaces into an ergonomic desk with an adjustable writing slope that improves posture and enhances comfort. 16"W x 14"D. C-quality factory seconds.
Microdesk Non-Slip Ruler Line Guide
18" ruler line guide for the Microdesk. Rubbery strip on underside for grip.
$9.00 $1.99
Microdesk Replacement Paper Lip/Ledge
Microdesk lips/ledges are available in 2 heights: Low profile for arm clearance when writing; High profile for reading books or holding stacks of papers.
Multipurpose Top for Ergo Desk Stand-up Desk
For use as an elevated, flat surface on the Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk. Handcrafted of beautiful hardwood for a lifetime of use.
Desk Angle
Handcrafted hardwood slant board for reading, writing and drawing. Holds laptop computers, too. Ergonomic inclined work surface makes a durable portable desk.
Ergo Desk Portable Drafting Board and Presentation Easel
Dual purpose natural wood 32"W x 30"H writing & presentation stand. Portable blueprint/drafting and drawing work surface flips over to become a presentation easel board.
Multipurpose Top for Ergo Desk Stand-up Desk *DEMO SALE*
For use as an elevated, flat surface on the Ergo Desk Stand-Up Desk. Handcrafted of beautiful hardwood for a lifetime of use.
Replacement Foot Bracket for Old-Style Microdesk
Replacement bracket for foot attachment to an old-style Microdesk.
Ergo Wall Desk
Creates the perfect angled reading or writing surface on any wall. Ideal for limited space or high traffic areas. Collapses to 1 1/2. Crafted from hardwood.
Ergo Desk Stand-Up Podium Base *DEMO SALE*
Place a riser under your desktop writing slope to convert it into a podium for reading, writing & presenting while standing. Compatible with the ErgoDesk Classic and ErgoDesk Designer.
Ergo Desk Designer
Designed by an eye doctor to reduce neck and back strain and improve posture. Adjustable writing slope with a patented fold-away reading shelf positions your books and documents at an optimal angle. Handcrafted of beautiful hardwood in 4 finishes.
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