Variable Balans

The original kneeling chair, Variable Balans by Varier, encourages active sitting by creating a cycle of continous movement. 

Multi Balans, Special Order
Portable ergonomics on the go!  Kneeling chair folds flat for portability and storage.

Wing Balans, Special Order
The original adjustable Balans® kneeling chair by Peter Opsvik. A forward-sloped seat on a wheeled base supports the body in a kneeling position. Adjustable height. Swivel base.
Padded Backrest for the Variable Balans
The Variable Balans padded backrest provides additional, softer back support for people sitting extended periods of time.  It also works as a stretching aid.
Variable Balans Distance Blocks. Special Order
The Variable Balans extension blocks insert between the wooden runners and the knee pads to shorten the distance between the seat and the knee pads.
Floor Protection Tape for Balans Variable, Thatsit, Pendulum, Actulum
Soft tape adheres to the underside of furniture rocker frames to protect delicate floor surfaces. Recommended for chairs that will be used on wood floors or other hard surfaces.

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